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Our Story

An opportunity for two chefs to run a pop-up, to showcase local flavours they grew up eating using foreign ingredients and pushing the narrative of progressive Singaporean and local flavours.

Both hailing from Whitegrass in the past, taking different paths to explore different cuisines and cultures.

Marcus Leow

Marcus was the pioneer batch of chefs in Magic Square in 2018, with a focus on exploring Singaporean flavours through his own Peranakan culture and cuisine. Since then, Marcus has gone from strength to strength, taking over the menu at Naked Finn, mentoring the 2nd and 3rd generation of chefs at Magic Square, before landing this opportunity to run his own restaurant independently

Jonathan Gan

Jonathan went to Odette, learning about French cuisine and its intricacies, rising through the ranks as a Saucier before promoting to a Junior Sous Chef. After, Jonathan joined Magic Square to explore creating his own dishes, while exploring more about our indigenous ingredients. After doing four menus with Magic Square, Jonathan subsequently went to work in Japan alongside Chef Takatsu, before coming back to work with Marcus.